Djibloho Auditorium

Sophisticated atmosphere

The Djibloho Auditorium covers over 1,060 square meters and can accommodate different seating arrangements ranging in sophisticated atmosphere. Fully-equipped with contemporary conference and meeting facilities.

1,200 maximum capacity
1,060 sqm total area

T  (+240) 3500 70 300

Auditorium space

  • Press Center (89 sqm).
  • Pre-function / Reception / Registration area (2,076 sqm).
  • Auditorium lounge (251 sqm).


  • Stage to host 5 heads of state or equivalent and a speaker podium.
  • Accommodates up to 52 delegations each headed by a VIP desk for the head of state/head of delegation.
  • Separate seating area for registered observers and guests.
  • Raised electrostatic access flooring for the flexibility of seating change and associated services.
  • Concert hall acoustic and audio-visual design.
  • Separate VIP section with a private entrance and entrance foyer.
  • Direct access to meeting rooms on the lower level – internal VIP stairs.
  • 6 separate translation booths.
  • Wireless translation facility.
  • Programmable dimming control system.
  • Air-Conditioning system.
  • Access control and CCTV system.