Frequently Asked Questions about Covid-19

Sat, 25/04/2020 - 19:46


All our rooms are ventilated with air sourced from outside the building. That air passes through a filter before circulating in the rooms. The same air is subsequently extracted to the outside environment through the ducts positioned in the bathrooms. Each room is ventilated independently, and air is not shared amongst the rooms.

Our air-conditioning (and heating) systems process the air that has already passed through the ventilation system to produce the desired temperature. The intake grills push the ventilated air through a filter positioned in a fan coil unit which is then heated or cooled before circulating in the room. The air eventually leaves the room via the ventilation system described above.

Every room has an independent fan coil unit with a filtration system. No two rooms share the same system. The fan coil units are cleaned every three months by our maintenance team following government advice that has been specifically designed to respond to the risk associated with the Covid-19 virus. Our maintenance team wears respiratory protectors during the cleaning process to minimize the risk to themselves.


How do our team members operate and maintain social distancing?

During the lockdown period every member of the team working on site has been accommodated in their own room. They work a shift pattern which sees them staying in the building for up to a week, at which point a new shift arrives to take over.

When on duty team members observe social distancing and maintain appropriate distances from each other to minimize contact as much as possible.

From a cleanliness perspective special attention is given to all back of house areas, with an increased frequency of cleaning focusing on high-touch areas like colleague entrance areas, lockers room, laundry room and canteen.


What about hygiene in the public spaces in our hotel?

Our cleaning and hygiene protocols have been reviewed and adapted to the current situation and we have increased the frequency of all our cleaning processes, including the disinfecting of all surfaces in rooms, apartments and public areas, with a focus on the counter at the front desk, elevators (and elevator buttons), door handles, public bathrooms, room fobs, pens and luggage trollies.

We provide disposable disinfectant wipes to our operational team so they may disinfect surfaces and items between guest interactions. Front desks are also well-equipped with antibacterial hand sanitizers and infrared thermometers to facilitate regular temperature checks when necessary. Medical masks and gloves are also provided to colleagues for use. We conduct daily meetings with our employees to share updates and to facilitate ongoing training.


What are your rooms cleaning procedures?

  • The room attendant wears a face mask, gloves and protective equipment.
  • The room attendant methodically cleans the apartment following our standard operating procedures.
  • The room attendant uses disinfectant to wipe down all areas to ensure the maximum level of cleanliness.