Getting here

The best way to travel to Djibloho is flying to Mongomoyen International Airport (20 km from Djibloho) from Malabo airport.

The new road which connects Bata and Mongomeyen allows you to reach Djibloho on vehicle in less than 2 hours.


Djibloho, Oyala WELE-NZAS Equatorial Guinea
T  (+240) 3500 70 300
M  (+240) 551 694 844

Quick references

Visa requirements
US is the only exempted country where its citizens do not require a visa to enter Equatorial Guinea. All other citizens must apply for a travel visa at an Equatorial Guinea embassy prior to traveling. Please refer to your local Equatorial Guinea embassy for complete and updated visa application requirements and mandatory vaccinations.

Airlines flying to Equatorial Guinea
National airline Ceiba Intercontinental operates both domestic and international flights from other African countries and Madrid. Iberia flights daily from Madrid to Malabo, which can also be reached from Paris (Air France), Frankfurt (Lufthansa), Addis Abeba (Ethiopian Airlines), Casablanca (Royal Air Morocco) and from other major cities from all the central Africa countries.

The official language is Spanish, and also French and Portuguese. There are also local languages like fang, bubi and others.

Time zone
UTC + 1